Wholesale Dankorations® Wreath and Centerpiece Combo Case

Wholesale Dankorations® Wreath and Centerpiece Combo Case

Product Description

Our original 22” Dankorations® Wreath is ideal for hanging on doors and walls, indoors or out. Enjoy the natural foliage look as is, or get creative and decorate with your favorite ornaments, bows or holiday lights. The wreath is lightweight and easy to hang with the built-in eyelet. 

The 18” Dankorations® Centerpiece is a lifelike tabletop decoration sure to light up your holiday spread. The centerpiece may be placed alone on a table in all its natural glory, or you can place a candle, gift, cake, vase, a bottle of wine, or your pipe of choice in the center. The centerpiece also has built-in eyelet and can be hung vertically as a smaller wreath.

Note final product may vary due to hand assembly.

For any and every holiday, Dankorations® helps you celebrate the greener moments in life.

Case Consists Of: 6 pieces of 18” Dankorations® Centerpiece  & 6 pieces of 22” Dankorations® Wreath

22” WREATH SRP: $27.50

Sale price Price $150.00 Regular price