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Introducing marijuana party decorations! Celebrate the greener moments in life. Perfect for cannabis parties!

Whether it’s for your next pot party, holiday decorating, gift giving, dorm decor, or 420  celebration of any occasion, Dankorations® give your party that little something extra*. Looking to throw the perfect pot party? Or simply in need of weed themed ideas for your next celebration?
Then look no further than Dankorations®.

Whether you call it marijuana, weed, pot, grass, dope, ganja, reefer or something else, we have you covered!

Why Get Your Stoner Party Supplies from Dankorations®

First of all, many of our weed themed party supplies are hand assembled. For this reason, each of our pot-themed decorations is unique and one-of-a-kind. Our party decorations and life-like, high quality durable party good that look like real marijuana. These decorations are great for both indoor and outdoor pot parties and are available and in stock. We take pride in our work. To us, pot party decorations isn’t a “hobby”, it’s a business. As a result, our party decorations are superior in quality as compared to average party supply stores or part-time crafts person.

Secondly, a portion of our profits are donated to criminal justice reform organizations. At Dankorations®, we are all about celebrations. However, our products would not exist without years of marijuana policing, and subsequent reform. Dankorations® acknowledge that marijuana charges disproportionally affect people of color. In addition, marijuana related arrests are higher in lower income communities. As a result, we wish to give something back.

Finally, our party decorations are cool, unique and just plain fun! They will set the perfect tone for your next cannabis or 420 themed celebration! 

Introducing party decorations that celebrate the greener moments in life. Whether it’s for festive holiday decorating, gift giving, dorm decor, or celebrations of any kind, Dankorations® give your party that little something extra*. Because it’s always 420 somewhere.

*Let’s be "blunt" for a moment. All of our marijuana themed party products are artificial. They are only meant for decoration.
Please DO NOT smoke, vape, burn, or spark up your Dankorations® products in any way.

Dankorate Your Life

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